not one ear infection since

During the first few years of his life, my son Tucker experienced numerous ear infections. I repeatedly took him to his pediatrician, and the pediatrician repeatedly prescribed various antibiotics.

After his eighth ear infection in six months and many sleepless nights, my doctor referred us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist to inquire about ear tubes for my son. The doctor told me he was a candidate for tubes, so we got his tubes in right around Tucker's first birthday. A year and a half goes by with only a few ear infections but I could tell the second when the tubes fell out because we were right back where we were. He had four infections in six weeks and I reached out to my good friend Dr. Devin Vrana who had recently opened her practice Vrana Chiropractic and she said she would like to adjust him before I do anything else.

I was reluctant at first because my son is a super active child and I thought there was no way he would cooperate and lay still long enough to be adjusted or checked especially with his super sensitive ears that had been poked his whole life due to the number of doctor visits for the ear infections. However, I couldn't have been more wrong, I knew Devin was compassionate, caring, and professional but she has a way with babies and children unlike anyone else. A baby whisperer if you will, which completely eased my tension and put Tuck in such a calming state that he laid perfectly still while being adjusted. My son developed an instant bond with her.

After Tucker's first adjustment, I noticed a significant change. Moreover, my son has not had one ear infection since he began chiropractic care. Tucker is now three and "ear infection free" for five months. I accredit Tucker's success to Dr. Devin Vrana. I truly appreciate what she has done for my son and my only regret is not seeking chiropractic care long before his first set of tubes.

- Lacy E.


just shy of a miracle.

While camping in Colorado the beginning of August, I had the unfortunate event of being bit by a spider. The spider type is still unknown but the bite caused me to develop Bell's Palsy. After doing research I found that acupuncture and chiropractic visits were of the best treatment for this. I came to Dr. Devin a mess, in tears, stressed, depressed and beyond emotional. She comforted me from the minute I walked into her office and told me she would do everything in her power to help me fight this. Not only did she help me with my Bell's Palsy, she helped me emotionally and mentally - she reminded me that it could be worse and that with every visit it was getting better. Lacey and the rest of the staff were so supportive, never once treating me as if half of my face wasn't functioning, never once made me feel like anything was wrong at all, it was almost as if Back to Basics was my happy place (Corny I know! But very true)

I am a fitness competitor with the WBFF so beauty, fashion and fitness is my life. I work at Cessna with people on a daily basis, hence the effect this had on my was traumatizing beyond relief. I can't thank Dr. Devin enough, it brings tears to my eyes and knot in my throat every time I think of this and how much she helped me. She was there for me as a doctor, and a friend and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. This experience has shown me to slow down, to remember to take care of my myself and my body and to stay as stress free as possible. That things or situations could always be worse and how grateful I am that this only lasted a mere 4 1/2 weeks. I have so much faith and trust instilled into this woman I would recommend her to anyone who is having issues that require acupuncture or chiropractic care. I call her my little ninja magician - she may be small but she is strong! :-)

Thank you again ladies so much for helping me get through this!

- Erika T.


she has restored our girl completely

When our daughter was a couple weeks old, we started noticing that she always turned and slumped to her left side. This caused her to have a flat spot on the left side of her head, which pushed her left frontal plate forward. Her head had a slanted look and she wasn't able to hold her head up very well, even at almost 3 months old. Our pediatrician recommended that she start seeing a physical therapist and be fitted for a corrective helmet.

A chiropractor friend of ours referred us to Dr. Devin and assured us we would be in good hands. We decided to hold off on the helmet and PT until we tried chiropractic. After just 2 visits with Dr. Devin, we noticed remarkable improvement in our daughter's posture. After a few more visits, we completely dismissed the possibility of PT and didn't even consider the corrective helmet.

Dr. Devin's techniques are gentle and effective, and she has restored our girl completely. At her 4 month well-baby check up, our pediatrician told us he couldn't even tell she ever had a problem, and asked us for our chiropractor's name. I think we've made a believer out of him! The shape of her head, and her posture are now perfect! Take the chiropractic route with our baby's health has also saved us money. A helmet would have cost anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 dollars.

All in all, we have been so extremely blessed by Back to Basics Chiropractic. Please, if your baby is having any issues of this nature, just come in and talk to Dr. Devin.

- Kiley M.


God has gifted Dr. Devin with healing hands!

I was on an extended visit here from New Mexico when I decided to make an appointment since I was already accompanying my mother here from Pratt. Best decision I have ever made. Among other nagging pain, in particular, Dr. Devin has brought relief to my lower back where I had suffered bulging discs and eliminated a pain in my mid back that had bothered me for some time. Two other chiropractors had not been able to alleviate the pain. One chiropractor told me it was arthritis, like I should have to live with the pain, but Dr. Devin thought differently. After a few adjustments and acupuncture treatments, miraculously (in my view) she brought relief. Now weeks later and back in NM, I remain free from the pains in my back and the pulling sensation I felt down my spine. What's more, I feel free from other aches and feel great.

It is obvious that Dr. Devin is passionate about people, their health and overall well being... I appreciate her confidence, gentle manner and availability to her patients. I would recommend Dr. Devin to anyone who is willing to follow her treatment plan for better health and better living. She is my hero!

It cannot go without saying that Lacey and the other girls are exceptional. I have never been in an office where I had felt so welcome. They make you feel as though they look forward to seeing you come in the door.

Friendliest receptionist's ever. :-)

- Gail B.


one week after the doctor said she "wasn't strong".

My daughter, Caroline, was born 6 weeks pre-mature via c-section for being breech. She was in the NICU for 13 days. After coming home, we noticed that she seemed to favor one side (always looking that way and laying that one on our shoulder). After noticing it we were a little nervous but were re-assured by our doctor that it was normal. Finally, when she was two and a half months, I decided to take her to Dr. Devin to see what she thought. Immediately, Dr. Devin could "feel" that there was a problem and began helping her. Caroline was a pretty fussy baby who didn't like being held by many. But right away she had no problem with Dr. Devin adjusting her! I was shocked!

After a few weeks of seeing Dr. Devin, Caroline began to look the other way as well as hold her head up better than she ever had. After her four month check up with her pediatrician, I was told her was still not very strong (in her neck) and would probably need therapy. Literally, after one more visit, with Dr. Devin she began to steadily hold her head and turn to both sides. She also rolled over for the first time! This was one week after the doctor said she "wasn't strong".

Dr. Devin has done amazing things with Caroline and has reassured me along the way that she is "perfect". I can't imagine where Caroline would be if we hadn't come to Dr. Devin. She has literally worked miracles with our "little miracle".

Now, at almost six months old, she is a happier, more comfortable, easy going baby. I don't like to think about all the pain she was in those first few months, but am beyond grateful it is over! I will definitely be taking all of my children to Dr. Devin from the moment they are born!

- Molly E.


I'm certainly not new to chiropractic

as I've been going for years. I've seen 3 different chiropractors since I've started. Before I met Dr. Vrana, I felt like nobody was looking at the overall picture, just putting a band-aid on the problem - temporary fixes. I was still in pain and miserable. I just summed it up to how this is how it would always be, but didn't understand why.

I found Dr. Vrana on facebook; she looked familiar to me as I went to the same High School with her. I "liked" her page and followed her for awhile until one day I was home sick for the millionth time, I called her office to see if I could come in. This was my last resort because I didn't think anyone could help me, but I read other testimonials, and thought maybe, just maybe she would be able to help me. I don't have one particular problem, just my overall health wasn't good and I knew I was too young to be feeling like this - can't describe other than I felt like crap all the time. Feeling like that all the time affected other areas of my life too.

After meeting with Dr. Vrana for the 1st time, I had hope. I loved her style, demeanor and personality. I also liked the office: professional, friendly and modern. Dr. Vrana promised she could help me and that I was right, I was too young to feel like this. I knew the change wouldn't happen overnight, but I already felt the difference after about 3 visits. I thought was crazy - too good to be true! Well, it wasn't too good to be true, each week just got better and better.

Dr. Vrana is beautiful, caring, smart, helpful, informative, inspiring, positive... and more. The experience and feeling I have when I leave her office is like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to every visit! It only takes one person to change your life and Dr. Vrana was that person for me.

- Stephanie T.